Care by Skin type

Do you know your skin type

Effective skin care is only possible if you know exactly how to care for your skin. Check out the recommended care for your skin type with Dr.esthé.

A new beginning of skincare recommended by dermatologists

Dr.esthe is a professional cosmetics brand created by 100 Korean dermatologists who engage in all processes from product desing to research and development. Most of our formulas do not contain artificial ingredients or additives. Our products are free of irritation, artificial colorants, and stnthetic fragrances with higher skin affinity and compatibility. They will help you maximize the hidden potential of your skin.

Oily & Trouble

Skin sebaceous gland cells are pushed up above the epidermis by cell division, and the sebaceous glands are excessively secreted in the sebaceous membrane, which make the skin surface oily.

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Highly sensitive to minor irritation with skin barrier much damaged compared to normal skin; immunity and other control functions are weakened.

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Sebum secretion is lower than normal; oil and moisture content is low in the skin, which make pores less visible. As the skin is thinner than normal skin type, it loses moisture quickly, accelerating the aging process.

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As for acquired hyperchromatism, brown dots in irregular shapes and different sizes are caused mainly by exposure to sunlight, especially on the face.

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UV rays, skin dryness, and other internal and external influences reduce the elasticity of the skin as the ability to retain moisture in the skin is diminished because of the lowered composition of the materials filled between the intercellular spaces and the fibers.

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시술 받은 피부

시술 후 피부는 각질층이 손상돼 홍조, 가려움증, 건조증이 일어날 수 있음

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탈모 관리법

머리카락이 하루에 100개 이상 빠지거나, 두피가 가려운 경우, 이전보다 모발이 가늘어지고 힘이 없다면 탈모증으로 의심

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