Dr.esthé Core Technology

Hypodermic prescription
for sensitive skin
after medical treatment

Dr.esthé is committed to developing products that use only low-irritant ingredients for skin damaged from various harmful environments and sensitive skin after medical treatment. We do not produce cosmetics that are harmful to the human body to the best of our ability, and focus on research and development for products not just with a long list of ingredients but with active ingredients. Our efforts toward healthy skin will not cease.

No Chemicals


Dr.esthe excludes artificial chemicals, shch as artificial fragrances, artificial colorants, paraben, benzophenone, mineral oils, ethanol, and triethanolamine.

Dermatologist Tested

Tested Dermatologist

Dr.esthe products are dermatologist-tested, so they are safe for sensitive skin.


R&D Center

We constantly study and develop various technologies including DMC™ and do not outsource production in order to ensure excellent quality

The personalized formula
for a healthy skin barrier

Maltese-Cross (DMC)

The structure of keratinocytes and intercellular lipids takes the form of a skin barier that looks like a brick wall. Dr. esthe Dermatology Maltese-Cross™ has a structure similar to that of Maltese cross of intercellular lipids. It minimizes the loss of TEWL to retain moisture for a long time for healthier skin


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